Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Extended resume: Dave Moore

515 Bondstone Dr. • Dallas, Texas 75218
214.542.2571 • dintymoore100@gmail.com
Journalist and data analyst with more than 25 years’ experience reporting, writing and editing for various media and organizations. Expertise includes computer-assisted reporting, social media/website content and enterprise journalism.
_______________ PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE _______________

April 2015 to present
-- Working on a story with D CEO Magazine (D Magazine's business publication) examining the litigation and bankruptcy of Waco, Texas-based Life Partners.
-- Investigating the use of public park land in Dallas to house Rommel's Afrika Korps during and after World War II.
-- Using Bureau of Labor Statistics data to reveal which industries are concentrated in particular counties and metro areas across the United States.

July 2010 to April 2015
Legal Media Specialist
Identified economic and legal trends using data analysis and helped lawyers break news in print and broadcast media.
* Used Bureau of Labor and U.S. Census statistics to determine that North Texas is one of the fastest-growing areas for software development. Former Dallas Morning News writer Hanah Cho used my analysis to write this story
* Analyzed thousands of federal court records to identify the spike in lawsuits against debt collectors. See the related CBS 11 (KTVT-TV) story here.
* Wrote columns with lawyers on timely topics, such as the Texas Rangers’ bankruptcy, changes to non-compete clause laws, and the need for judicial pay raises in Texas.

December 2009 to July 2010
U.S. Census Bureau
Dallas Regional Office
Dallas, TX
2010 Census media specialist
* Analyzed census data to determine that Dallas and Harris counties are among the top 10 counties in the United States with the largest number of hard-to-count populations in the United States. Findings were printed in an Associated Press story that was picked up by newspapers across Texas.

* Used Census data to identify neighborhoods that were slow in mailing back Census forms to direct media coverage to those areas.
* Edited or wrote more than 200 press releases resulting in media coverage in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi for the nation's largest survey.
* In charge of the regional census bureau's facebook page, regularly updating content and monitoring discussions and answering questions posted on the fan page.
* Tweet regularly on behalf of the Dallas Regional Census Center.

* Serves as a source to aid reporters in identifying slow-in-responding census areas. See example story here: ( https://picasaweb.google.com/106465222806501958087/March112016?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCMLQvaKXwonmRQ&feat=directlink ).

July 2009 to November 2009
KERA public radio and television
Dallas, TX
Contributing writer/researcher
KERA's Living With The Trinity web site.
* Reviewed federal government records to determine that at least nine pharmaceuticals -- including the insect repellent DEET and camphor (used for nail polish remover) -- have been identified in Dallas drinking water.
* Identified major wetlands in North Texas that were built to reduce nitrates and other chemicals from water before they reach spigots in homes.

2008 to November 2009
D CEO magazine
Dallas, TX
Senior Editor
* Profiled Davis Deadman and NexBank, which was founded by many of the same investors who started up hedge fund giant Highland Capital Management LP.
* Used the open-records act and City Hall connections to quickly obtain and post online Dallas’ 2008 swimming-pool inspections.
* Analyzed DFW’s executive Presidential campaign contributions to determine John McCain has more cash, but fewer donors than Barack Obama.
* Detailed Dallas billionaire Harold Simmons' successful 14-year effort to build a radioactive waste dump in West Texas.
* Popular contributor to frontburner (D Magazine's blog), where I posted updates on everything from 7-Eleven to the Dallas Cowboys.

* Used IRS migration data to reveal that Dallas' richest newcomers moved from St. Tammany Parrish, La., Hartford County, Conn., and other unlikely places.

2006 to 2008
Dallas Business Journal
Dallas, TX
Government/legal/sports reporter
* Broke the story about how the subprime lending market crash caused the new $1.2 billion Cowboys stadium in Arlington to become more expensive due to higher financing costs.
* Won a SABEW (Society of American Business Editors and Writers) award for a story that described how the Dallas Press Club president rigged the Katie regional journalism awards for years.
* Broke the story about a Dallas-area non-profit's director allegedly siphoning millions of his charity's money into his Nascar racing team. Story led to the director resigning from the charity.
* Analyzed presidential campaign spending to determine which Texas businesses are receiving tens of millions of dollars for services rendered.
* Was among the first reporters in Texas to report about the impending dispute over whether to allow foreign investors to lease toll roads from Texas.
* Covered legal trends and legislation impacting businesses, including developments in the margin tax, tort reform and intellectual property litigation.

Denton Record-Chronicle
Denton, TX
County reporter
* Revealed that Denton County Commissioners spent up to $350,000 more than required by state law to cover bills in civil court cases. The judge who billed the county for the cases stopped doing so after the story was printed and didn’t seek re-election.

Columbia Daily Tribune
Columbia, MO
City hall reporter
* Used computer-assisted reporting to uncover eight years of worsening racial disparity in the arrests of black children by city police. Related story earned a second-place 2004 Missouri Associated Press Managing Editors award.

Bedford Now
Lambertville, MI
Coordinating editor/staff writer
* Uncovered the strategy by the city of Toledo, Ohio, to stop urban sprawl by limiting water sales to outlying areas such as Lambertville, Mich.

Perrysburg schools
Perrysburg, OH
Free-lance writer/substitute teacher
* Traveled to Bosnia to document landmine-removal efforts. Related story was printed in the Houston Chronicle.

Toledo City Paper and Toledo Area Parent News
Toledo, OH
Editor/staff writer
* Revealed the dire shortage of mental-health workers and money for medications, 12 years after Toledo’s mentally ill were deinstitutionalized.

* Traveled to Bosnia-Herzegovina to chronicle a city effort to create a Sister City relationship with Banja Luka.

Decatur Herald & Review
Decatur, IL
Staff writer
* Led a four-year investigation of gang activity in Decatur.
* Weekend crime reporter.
* Covered industrial accidents, chemical spills and worker-safety issues.
* Chief environmental writer, including air-quality issues in a city with some of the worst air quality in the United States.
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH
* Bachelor’s degree in liberal arts. Major: journalism; minor; political science

National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting
Columbia, MO
* Ongoing training with Access, mapping software and other computer reporting tools.